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A Sermon about Pentecost and Apples

I have good news for everyone here. You have the gift of the Spirit living in you. You have enough to give to others. One of your main jobs is to notice what is being given by God and others, … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Scripture (audio file)

What do we expect when we pick up the Bible? Will it be an information download that helps us be more powerful and successful? In this sermon I suggest that we should expect a wrestling match. (Thanks to Sarah Jobe for … Continue reading

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Uganda, Gays, and Missionary Positions

The story is told that the Kabaka, a Ugandan tribal king, asked some of the first Christian converts to have sex with him. He killed them when they refused and they became Uganda’s first Christian martyrs. Growing up as a … Continue reading

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Epiphany Meditation

Many of us are the intellectual great, great, grandchildren of a Greek philosopher named Anaxagoras, who in 465 BC looked at our sun and said something to the effect of, “he isn’t a god. The sun is an it. It’s … Continue reading

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Don Jon gets it wrong

For better or worse, I recently went to see the movie Don Jon, a movie about a porn addict. With WRAP week coming up (white ribbons against pornography), it would have been nice if Don Jon had lured millions of porn addicts into theaters … Continue reading

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Desire and Celibacy

Desire! It is the fire in us that makes lovers, consumers, dreamers, addicts, saints. I was recently asked to give a short talk at a ReImagine gathering about desire. I chose to talk about the struggle sexual desire has been … Continue reading

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Dismissing Jesus

Given that I’m a homo, you can probably imagine that I’ve had my moment of, “do I believe any of this Christian stuff anyway?” In the end though, Jesus fascinates me and keeps me trying to figure him out. Because of that, … Continue reading

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